Webinar Series: “Reset, Rethink, and Renew”

The aim is simple: to give you some tools to come out of the pandemic stronger than before, with fresh insights, new skills and strategies! The keynote speakers are part of the Nonprofit Builder’s expert pool, carefully selected by foundations like Laudes, Oak and Packard, to help their grantees strengthen their capacity.

How to Attend

  • Access is free, and you do not need a password, simply click the Zoom link, enter your email to register!
  • Sessions are interactive via Zoom Q&A.
  • After the session we will send you an email with the contacts of the presenter so you can follow up with further discussions if you wish.

To enable a global audience to take part, each webinar is held twice at different times. Pick whatever session suits you best. All webinars last 50 minutes including 10 minutes for questions.


Next up:


Peter Baily: Do Crabs Walk Sideways or Do We? A Workshop Exploring How We See Things and How This Determines Everything

Topic summary: We are experiencing a paradigm shift in working practices – more self management, less hierarchy, operating platforms based on equity, diversity and inclusion, leadership working in a VUCA world ( Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous). 

“Know thyself”for leaders is not a nice-to-have, it is a strategic decision for driving organisations into the future. Our workshop is a journey into self-awareness, about subtle shifts in how we see ourselves, others and the world. It is about emotional intelligence and how emotions are a predisposition for action. It is a journey into our physical presence and the intelligence that exists there, a journey into our belief systems and how this generates our reality, it is a journey into our language and our ability to make requests, offers and declarations; it is the moment when we realise that we are not our egos but we have an ego and hold this with curiosity. This workshop is a learning journey, not from knowledge to more knowledge, but knowledge to wisdom!

About the presenter: Peter Baily is a commitment to strengthening the human systems in social enterprises and NGOs worldwide. In 2013, he co-founded The Kairos Project with a mission to make professional development accessible to all organisations striving for a sustainable future. Since inception, The Kairos Project has run 298 projects with 160 organisations in 11 languages. More.


Past webinars:

Beris Gwynne – Strategic Foresight: Transforming Pathways for Accelerated Action

Topic summary: Paradoxically, decades of “tri-sector” collaboration (public and private sectors and civil society) seem to have inhibited the development of coherent responses to global challenges, dividing rather than bridging ideological and other divides, failing to leverage unprecedented levels of knowledge and know-how, and systematising inherent contradictions in governance and financing for development processes, local to global.  

As recognition of the inadequacy of contemporary institutions grows, thought leaders and innovators in all three sectors are beginning to appreciate the value of a strategic foresight approach, juxtaposing divergent views on where we are and how we got here, providing a safe space for creative conversations about possible “futures” and using plausible futures to inform and accelerate collective action in the present.  

 Specific objectives:

  • Provide an overview of “futures thinking” tools and techniques
  • Clarify trends – particularly changes in societal values and other critical drivers impacting the future  – to illustrate the value of this approach in relation to complex systems analysis
  • Use recent examples to demonstrate the potential for positive impacts on organisational culture, and on policy making and strategic planning in a variety of contexts in relation to the Global Goals
  • Share “lessons learned” on what works and doesn’t work in introducing such an approach to optimise prospects for successful transitions toward preferred futures.

About the presenter: After a career divided in equal parts between public service (Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) and executive roles in not-for-profit organisations, in 2016, Beris created an open platform for collaboration (Incitare) to encourage fresh thinking and help nonprofits to use strategic foresight to free up space to conceive and develop futures-fit strategies. More.


Andreas Wettstein – Making Sound Decisions under Uncertainty

Topic summary: Have you recently had to make a big decision such as taking a new job, hiring a new employee, starting or ending a business or deciding where to invest? Did you feel you did not have enough information? How did you go about it? In each of these situations, we make significant decisions without enough data to be certain about the best approach. In an uncertain world, simple rules of thumb and intuition can lead to better decisions than fancy calculations.

 In this highly interactive session, you will learn how to make better use of your intuition, heuristics, and even somatic signals to make better decisions in situations where there is simply not enough information available to rely on traditional approaches.

What we cover in the webinar:

  • What is the difference between risk and uncertainty?
  • Identify and discuss common strategies to deal with uncertainty
  • When can you rely on intuition, and where not?
  • Why we can’t make sound decisions without emotions
  • Practical exercise using somatic markers to sharpen your intuition

About the presenter: Andreas Wettstein is an organisational development specialist with a strong business background and postgrad certificate in organisational psychology. He is the ideal partner for to accompany nonprofit leaders through change. More.


Mike Romig & Pablo Escorcia – Achieving Results in Times of Crisis: Resilience and Rituals

Topic summary: Have you and your team struggled to reprioritise and redesign your work and strategies? Have you adapted to working online, in a decentralised way, but still feel the online interactions cannot replace the in-person work all together in an office? Does the constant screen-time, dealing with family and work, and the uncertainty of the situation affect your productivity? Do you feel that the same results are expected of you without the effects of this crisis being taken into account? 

Participants will reflect on their own and their organisation’s resilience – their ability to bounce back smarter and adapt in the face of crisis – then identify what they can do to build greater resilience. Participants will also get inspiration – from us as well as other participants – for effective rituals (habits, processes, mindset shifts) to continue to achieve the results for their teams and their beneficiaries.

What we cover in the webinar:

  • The phases of reaction to crisis and how best to support teams going through these
  • What enables teams to be effective in a crisis (and thereafter) 
  • How to build resilience in yourself and your teams

About the presenters: We support organisations to do the “inner work” needed and develop the “new ways of working” to create meaningful, healthy and regenerative work. By “inner work”, we mean clarifying your purpose, developing relevant cultures and strategies, and building the competencies within your leadership and teams. “New ways of work” means all the structures, procedures, role descriptions, and plans needed to sustainably run your organization in this new way. More.



What happens after the Webinars?

After each webinar we will send you the contact details of the expert so you can consult them if you wish. For Laudes grantees, these consultations are free of charge via the Nonprofit Builder’s Ask the Experts service.


What is the Nonprofit Builder?

The Nonprofit Builder is a global platform for nonprofit capacity building. It is used by leading foundations to provide their grantees with organizational development support. It offers a pool of expert consultants, selected by the participating foundations, and a resource library.