Capacity Building Support

As a Laudes Foundation partner, you are invited to use the Ask the Experts service to get in-time advice on questions of organisational development.

We are launching this new service in the context of Laudes Foundation‘s desire to support its partners in the context of COVID-19, to cope and overcome the effects of the pandemic.



About Ask the Experts

  • It’s comprehensive. Strategy, communications, fundraising, governance, finance, information technology, monitoring and evaluation, and more.
  • It’s confidential. What you discuss remains between you and your expert
  • It’s free. The expert services are paid by Laudes Foundation via Nonprofit Builder.


Who are the experts?

The experts are part of the Nonprofit Builder’s pool of consultants, and have been invited by foundations like Laudes Foundation, Oak Foundation and Packard Foundation.



How it works:

  1. Select your preferred expert from the list and contact him or her.
  2. Your expert will reach out to you and set up the call, which can last one hour
  3. After the call, your expert will send you a helpful email with guidance & advice.